How to Change the Author of a Blog Post?

Theoretical Framework

In WordPress, managing post authors is an essential feature, especially on sites with multiple contributors. Sometimes, it may be necessary to change the author of a post, whether for authorship reasons or to reflect changes in the content team. WordPress offers a straightforward way to change a post’s author through its backoffice.

Detailed Explanation

Changing the author of a post in WordPress is a simple task but requires administrator or editor privileges. The process involves editing the post and selecting a new author from a list of registered users on the site. It’s important that the new author is already registered on the site with a user account.

Step by Step

1 – Access the WordPress Dashboard: Log into your WordPress site’s backoffice.

2- Locate the Post: Go to ‘Posts’ and find the post you wish to edit.

3 – Edit the Post: Click on the post to open the editor.

4 – Change the Author:

A – In the classic editor: look for ‘Author’ in the right-hand menu and select the new author from the dropdown list.

B – In the block editor (Gutenberg): click on ‘Document’ in the top right corner, scroll down to ‘Author’, and select the new author.

5 – Update the Post: Click on ‘Update’ to save the changes.

Related Technical Tips

1 – Adding New Authors: If the desired author is not in the list, they will need to be added as a new user under 'Users' > 'Add New'.

2 – User Permissions: Ensure that users have the correct permissions to be post authors.

3 – Authorship Management Plugins: For additional functionalities, like assigning multiple authors to a post, consider installing specialized plugins.

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