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Disruptive WordPress engineering

Located in Lisbon and London, focused on delivering innovative and excellent technical solutions, at Task4IT we are a team of WordPress experts. We master not only WordPress development but also technical SEO, ensuring each project is optimized for search engines. We cater to a diverse range of clients, including startups, Design Studios, and large corporations, with customized solutions that meet a wide range of technical needs.

Our approach is anchored on a solid technical foundation, which includes creating a technical architecture as the starting point of our projects, advanced programming, and modern web technologies. We specialize in high-performance, secure, and adaptable WordPress sites, with a strong emphasis on plugins and themes that are developed from scratch and highly customizable.

We recognize the importance of technical robustness for the success of a project, so we follow rigorous testing and quality protocols. This ensures that our projects are not only visually appealing but also exceptionally functional.

We are committed to raising the standard of WordPress development, combining technical SEO and advanced engineering skills to deliver remarkable results in all our projects.

  • Technical architectures
  • WordPress development
  • WordPress Plugin development
  • REST API development
  • UI Development
  • WP Performance + Maintenance
  • Our expertise at Task4IT includes creating advanced technical architectures and custom development of plugins and REST API for WordPress, particularly excelling in the engineering and implementation of UX/UI solutions.

    This approach ensures not only high-performance and secure websites, but also optimized and efficient user experiences.

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  • Websites
  • eCommerces
  • MVP’s / Prototypes
  • SaaS / Marketplaces
  • WP / WooCommerce Refactor
  • We develop a diverse range of digital products, including customized websites, MVPs, and prototypes to test business ideas, robust eCommerces, and complex solutions such as SaaS and marketplaces.

    Additionally, we specialize in refactoring WordPress and WooCommerce sites, optimizing their performance and functionalities.

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