Our stack

Disruptive wordpress engineering

Corporate WordPress themes developed from scratch, flexible and scalable, customized and adapted to the specific needs of each use case. Our technical approach involves the use of Twig / Timber + Javascript, Flexbox and SASS for CSS, as well as the use of some JS libraries such as Alpine.js, combined with the powerful ACF Pro + Gutenberg

In addition to the technical stack, we initially focused on establishing a solid and efficient technical architecture for the project, ensuring adaptability for future needs and expansions.

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Plugin Dev
Our approach to corporate WordPress theme development focuses on creating unique, flexible, and scalable solutions. Each theme is crafted from the ground up, tailored to meet specific client needs.

We leverage the synergy of Twig and Timber for efficient development, while employing JavaScript, Flexbox, and SASS for responsive and modern designs. Alpine.js adds interactivity, enriching the user experience.

With ACF Pro and Gutenberg, we offer superior customization, ensuring each theme is not only distinctive but also robust and adaptable for the future. This methodology exemplifies our dedication to innovation and excellence in WordPress solutions.

Our passion transcends the conventional boundaries of web development, focusing especially on innovation through headless CMS’s. This modern approach decouples the frontend from the backend, offering unprecedented flexibility and optimized performance. By separating content management from visual design, we enable faster, safer, and more scalable solutions. This methodology allows us to create rich and interactive user experiences, while maintaining a robust and efficient backend architecture.

Turning each project’s vision into reality, we always ensure a delivery that exceeds expectations.

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