ACF Pro Installation

Theoretical Framework

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro is a powerful tool that allows WordPress users to add custom fields to their websites, making content management more flexible and intuitive. This Pro version extends the functionalities of the free version with additional features like repeatable content blocks, image galleries, and options pages, among others.

Detailed Explanation

ACF Pro enhances theme and plugin customization by enabling developers and content managers to add custom fields to posts, pages, and custom post types. These fields can be of various types, including text, images, date pickers, and more, thereby offering great flexibility in content management and presentation.

Step by Step

1 – Plugin Purchase: To start, you need to purchase ACF Pro from the official Advanced Custom Fields website. After purchase, you will be provided with a download link for the plugin in .zip format.

2- Plugin Installation in WordPress:

Access your WordPress site’s backoffice.

Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

Select the .zip file of ACF Pro you downloaded and click Install Now.

After installation, click Activate Plugin

3 – License Activation:

After activation, go to Custom Fields > Options.

Enter the license key you received after purchase.

Click Activate License to complete the process.

Related Technical Tips

1 – Backup: Before installing ACF Pro, it is recommended to perform a full backup of your WordPress site.

2 – Documentation: Refer to the official ACF Pro documentation to explore all the features and best practices.

3 – Theme Compatibility: Ensure that your theme is compatible with ACF Pro to avoid any conflicts.

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ACF Plugin representation